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Wir Machen Urlaub! The Thorsten van Elten Collection 2016

Wir machen Urlaub, the Thorsten van Elten colleboration was inspired by Jonna's family's summer holidays to Germany in the 1980s and was launched exclusively through in February 2016. 


"Each June since 1966 up until this day, my parents have packed up the car and headed off on a summer adventure from Finland to Germany.

The trips have always been carefully planned over the winter months, with every Gasthaus booked over the phone, road maps marked, more German language courses taken and activities planned for each day.

Once the 1980s arrived, it was my turn to join my brother in the back seat of the car. We saw endless Autobahns, but also the stunning beaches of Timmendorf, and visited all our family friends by the beautiful river Mosel.

German TV shows were very popular in our house (and still are, by the way), so during our travels we would always make sure that we visited all the latest film locations, including Glottertal where they filmed our favourite TV-series Die Schwarzwaldklinic (The Black Forest Clinic).

This collection was inspired by these road trips, Germany in the1980s, and listening to Modern Talking cassettes in the back of das Auto. Good times."


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